High availability

Spare parts management is an essential element in our after-sales concept. That is why we hold spare parts for Knorr-Bremse PowerTech products according to our customers’ requirements – for as long as you like, and wherever you like. We also keep you informed of any plans to discontinue spare parts and develop any new components you may require for your existing power converters.

Services provided

  • Compiling qualified quotes
  • Developing technical alternatives
  • Processing orders, tracking and coordinating shipments
  • Advising on inventory strategies, including economic aspects
  • Devising and managing diverse warehousing concepts (consignment warehouse, optimum safety stocks)
  • Direct customer communication, warranty management, and complaints processing
  • Further management of products from all former brands (PCS Power Converter Solutions, Transtechnik, FAGA Fahrzeugausrüstung Berlin)

After Sales Contact


Service Area Germany/other Countries

+49 30 297725-0
+49 8024 990-0

Service Area North America

+1 973 527 6060

Service Area Australia

+61 2 8863 6550

Service Area Asia

+86 510 6888 0513