Demanding Environments

Durable drive technology and efficient onboard power supply even under harsh conditions

PowerTech converters are used wherever the electronics are exposed to severe conditions, such as extreme temperature fluctuations, significant vibrations, moisture or splashing water, sulfur or even mechanical shocks. Our converters can be installed to provide the necessary auxiliary voltage for various supplies in operation or on board. Thanks to the flexible design of PowerTech converters, many applications are possible - such as mining or strip mining, civil engineering, tunnel drilling, production of oil and gas or within the general chemical industry.

Durable drive systems and efficient onboard power supply for harsh conditions

Product Features

  • For demanding environmental conditions
  • Modular system: 50 kW - 6,000 kW, expandable to 12 MW in case of parallel connection
  • IGBT based 4-Q-Technology
  • With variable voltage link and pulsed line-side converter
  • Active Power Switch for Active Front End (AFE) functionality
  • High flexibility through modular design
  • High dynamics in speed and torque
  • User-friendly service software
  • Modular, flexible design and construction
  • Optimized air or water cooling


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Durable drive systems and efficient onboard power supply for harsh conditions