Energy and Storage

Efficient and grid-stable energy conversion from generation to storage

Our PowerTech converters are used to convert the energy from the respective generator, motor or renewable energy sources into electrical energy that can be fed into the grid. In addition, they can also be used for the supply of such energy recovery plants and for grid stability of the particular application.

Areas of application

At a glance

  • Energy generation from regenerative energy sources
  • Storage systems ranging from battery solutions to power-to-gas
  • Converter technology for low voltage-level to extremely large outputs
  • Flexible modular design allows for custom configuration
  • Easy to integrate in existing systems and configurations
  • Bi-directional versions
  • Adaptable functions for grid compensation


Technical Features

  • IGBT-based four-quadrant technology
  • For DC and AC applications
  • AFE - active front end functionality
  • Scalable and individually adaptable modular output stages
  • Very good control properties - field-oriented
  • Low losses and high immunity
  • Minimal electromagnetic emissions
  • Modular and flexible design and construction
  • Optimized air or water cooling
  • Grid compensation through the provision of symmetrical or asymmetrical reactive power, optimized grid voltage quality, and compensation for reactive power harmonics and flicker
  • User-friendly service software
  • Supports common fieldbus systems (CAN, PROFIBUS, Ethercat etc.) supported, binary interfaces are also available


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Areas of application