Cutting-edge technology for various markets

Our PowerTech technology for diverse applications in the area of Industry and Energy has many faces: whether standard optimized frequency converters, special solutions applied according to customer needs or tailored technology concepts through to installation and commissioning. PowerTech converters are used in applications where the user needs a specific form and quality of current and voltage. Therefore our clients operate in a variety of markets.

Energy and Storage

PowerTech converters for efficient energy conversion with grid stability from energy generation to storage

Power Supply and Grid Compensation

Powertech converters for compensation of voltage and frequency fluctuations in power supplies

Test Rig Applications

PowerTech converters for simulating complete technological processes with very high drive dynamics

Particle Accelerators

PowerTech converters for high precision current and voltage sources for scientific applications

Demanding Environments

Long-lasting drive systems and efficient energy supply units under even the most difficult conditions

Drive Technology for Industrial Automation

PowerTech converters improve the energy balance and reduce operating costs in industrial automation

PowerTech converter family at a glance

  • For energy generation and storage
  • For asynchronous and synchronous drives
  • For customer-specific power supplies
  • For active mains compensation
  • For demanding environmental conditions
  • Highly flexible due to the modular design
  • High torque and speed dynamics
  • High precision in torque, speed, and compensation
  • Implementation of individual customer requests
  • Own test facility for up to 5 MVA of power
  • User friendly service software
  • Quick customer service when maintenance is required

Technical Features

  • IGBT-based four-quadrant technology
  • With voltage link and pulsed mains converter
  • Active circuit breakers for Active Front End functionality - AFE
  • Maximum output frequency of up to 2,500 Hz
  • Maximum IGBT pulse frequency of up to 15 kHz
  • Very good control properties - field-oriented
  • Low losses and high immunity
  • Minimal electromagnetic emissions
  • Single-phase / multi-phase solutions
  • Modular and flexible design and construction
  • Optimized air or water cooling

Development and customization in own test facility

  • Electrical, thermal and mechanical test
  • Tests of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Simulated grids using converters
  • Measuring technology for determining vibration velocities, torques and speeds
  • Testing of symmetrical and asymmetrical voltage drops
  • Generation of flickers and harmonics LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT, etc.
  • Test racks for setting up paired drive sets

Technical Specifications

Line voltage 380 V - 480 V, 380 V - 690 V
Grid frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum output frequency 2,500 Hz
Nominal output 50 kW - 6,000 kW, expendable to 12 MW in case of parallel connection
Cooling Air or water cooling
Fieldbus systems CAN, PROFIBUS, Ethercat


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