Power Supply and Grid Compensation

Compensation of voltage and frequency fluctuations in power supply networks

Our PowerTech technology supports industrial consumers of electric energy as well as network operators with intelligent solutions in the field of power line compensation. In stand-alone systems and through connecting renewable energy sources and storage systems to public power supply networks, our converters make a valuable contributions to the clean and intelligent energy of tomorrow.

At a glance

  • Optimized power supplies for a variety of applications
  • Grid compatibility for industry and renewable energy
  • Optimized grid voltage quality
  • Reactive power, harmonics and flicker compensation
  • Individually adaptable with scalable modular output stages
  • Easy to integrate in existing systems and configurations
  • Testing of grid faults in own test facility

PowerTech converters for active grid compensation and grid compatibility


Active grid compensation for industrial applications

Block diagram of the PowerTech grid compensation

  • Active mains compensation to ensure production and quality
  • IGBT-based mains converter for feeding in a reactive current during brief drops in voltage
  • Provide reactive power for the grid, measures to support the power system
  • Active harmonic compensation for best-possible grid quality
  • Flicker compensation integrated into the power converter
  • Adjustable cos φ


Grid compatibility (Grid Codes) in the field of renewable energies

Continuous voltage and stable output during voltage drops

  • Reactive Current Converter will keep the system online during brief balanced grid faults of up to 15% or during unbalanced grid faults down to 0% of the grid voltage
  • During an unbalanced short circuit of two phases in the medium voltage range, the converter uses the remaining phase to supply reactive current
  • The LVRT-Solution ensures that the wind turbine will not disconnect from the grid during a grid breakdown (low voltage ride through - LVRT)
  • Maintaining generator voltage, thus reducing the strain on mechanical components and ensuring a stable energy output, even during a grid breakdown


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Block diagram of the PowerTech grid compensation 


Continuous voltage and stable output during voltage drops