General Information for Test Rig Applications

Simulation of complete technological processes with very high drive dynamics

PowerTech has many years of experience in the field of sophisticated test bench technology. Since 2000, PowerTech has been in the field with over 1,000 test bench installations worldwide, offering reliable product performance, special knowledge, service experience and test infrastructure.

PowerTech converters for test bench applications are used for:

■ Product development and end-of-line test stands

■ Combustion motors, gears and hybrid drive trains

■ Testing of high voltage transformers

■ Rail vehicle/rail test benches

■ Electric motor and generator testing

■ Component testing for various industries

■ Testing of industrial machines, compressors and special motors


At a glance

  • For asynchronous and synchronous drives
  • For a variety of high performance test applications such as trains, transformers and special motors
  • Individually customized with scalable, modular performance levels
  • Low-level electromagnetic emissions for sensitive test rig applications
  • Unmatched infrastructure including full laboratory to pretest multiple test systems prior to commissioning
  • Over 1,000 systems in operation worldwide

Highly dynamic power converters for simulation of complete technological processes

Technical Features

  • IGBT-based four-quadrant technology
  • Voltage link and pulsed mains converter
  • AFE - active front end functionality
  • Active harmonic compensation for best possible grid quality
  • Reactive power management with adjustable cos phi
  • Maximum output frequency of up to 2,500 Hz
  • Maximum IGBT pulse frequency of up to 15 kHz
  • Excellent field-oriented control properties
  • Low losses and high immunity to electromagnetic interference
  • Minimal electromagnetic emissions
  • Single-phase/multi-phase solutions
  • Modular, flexible design and construction
  • Optimised air or water-cooling
  • Support of common field bus systems and binary interfaces
  • User-friendly service software and interface design



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Highly dynamic power converters for simulation of complete technological processes