Integrated System Solutions

Knorr-Bremse PowerTech also offers integrated energy management solutions that focus on the holistic optimization of the energy consumption in trains and the integration of single train components.

Plug-and-play DC power management

PowerTech‘s DC auxiliary power management system combines the battery charger, the vehicle battery and the DC distribution into a highly efficient, compact and lightweight system.

The integration of single components into a plug-and-play solution considerably simplifies the previously complex vehicle integration process. Modular design and easy access to all system components facilitate maintenance and repair.

LITE - Optimized decentralized energy management

The power supply concept LITE (Light Integrated Train Energy) maximizes the benefits of the variable voltage, variable frequency (vvvf) technology, considering all loads in the train as an integrated system.

Reliability and energy conversion efficiency are significantly increased with the LITE architecture, contributing to the energy efficient and life-cycle optimized operation of rail vehicles.

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