Environmental management

To live up to our responsibility towards the environment we have set up a mandatory environmental management system with internal and external environmental protection provisions and standards. Regular internal and external audits verify whether requirements are being met and what improvement measures need to be initiated. An exchange of best-practice solutions takes place via internal communication measures and Group-wide guidelines.

We are continuously improving our operational environmental protection. For that purpose we collect and evaluate key environmental data for monitoring the environmental impact of our corporate activities and planning our environmental performance. We lay down environmental objectives at both Group and site level. Every year we publish relevant figures for the Knorr-Bremse Group in our Global Compact Progress Report.

Certification to an international standard

Since 2001, we have been pursuing Group-wide certification of all locations in the Rail and Commercial Vehicle Systems divisions according to the ISO 14001 international environmental management standard. European, North American and South American production and service sites, as well as most sites in the Asia-Pacific region have already successfully completed certification to ISO 14001, and in the coming years more sites will follow suit.

Promoting environmental awareness

We promote environmental awareness amongst our employees, especially through internal communication measures and training sessions. The training requirements are regularly determined at the individual sites with a view to drawing up appropriate continuing education programs. These we supplement with initiatives and campaigns. Tips and tricks for environmentally-conscious conduct in the office and at home are communicated in various campaigns through information brochures, calendars, lecture series, competitions, exhibitions and events involving the children of employees.